World Oyama Karate is full-contact. In our teaching style, we connect basic training, KATA training and KUMITE training. It is important for the Karate student to understand the purpose of each type of training and the relationship between the three.

Basic Training

Good basic training must include good KAMAE (body posture and position), movement and footwork, proper execution of the technique with contact, and then back to KAMAE.

KATA Training

KATA (forms) is strategies of KUMITE. Kihon Sono Ichi (basic #1) ~ Kihon Sono Hachi (basic #8) Kumite No Kata Tsuki To Uke, Kumite No Kata Keri Kaiha, Shotei, Hatto, Seienchin, Kanku, Koryu Gojushiho.

KUMITE Training

KUMITE (sparring) is to apply techniques from a foundation of basic training and KATA training with contact. Simple training of basic and KATA, connect to power and highly applicable in KUMITE.


Focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through hard, intense training to learn practical, self-defense techniques for safety purposes. World Oyama Karate can help you reach your goals.


Bo Tonfa Nunchaku Sai